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Peace of mind.

A letter to 221B Baker Street goes unsent.


Reasons I like him:

He is smart.

He is charming.

He likes ice cream.

He is romantic.

He loves his family.

He loves my family.

He goes out with me even when he’s tired.

He always tells me how he feels about me, even though sharing feelings isn’t one of his favorite pastimes.

He is okay that sharing feelings IS one of MY favorite pastimes.

He is level-headed where I am floating in the clouds.

He thinks things through while I make snap decisions.

He is ridiculously cute.

He watches Doctor Who with me.

He has freckles.


Things Do Change

It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Today I put the brakes on - And I did something new.  I said “yes” to my own self confidence.  I said “maybe” to the endless possibilities at my disposal.  And I said “no” to being treated as anything less than the bright, compassionate, loving woman that I am.

And maybe the next steps will hurt.  But I changed my behavior.  I’ll wait it out for the new, and improved, results.


Rocking the nose hoop and no face makeup.  

Wearing Chucks to auditions.

One step at a time to my own brand of beautiful.


I can’t believe it’s been seven years since anyone’s heard your giggle.  But, it’s not a sound easily forgotten.  You are missed.  You are loved.  You are celebrated.  We love you, Tara.







get in losers we’re going hetero-crushing

Homosexual Steamroller is the name of my band.

Far right conservative males are the equivalent toddlers throwing temper tantrums. Using national policy as a pacifier


Here come the rainbow steamrollers.

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Long time, no see.

Any doubt of where my home is dissolves when I see this skyline from an airplane window.



Keith Ablow, Asshole of the Day for May 15, 2014

by TeaPartyCat ()

It seems not a day goes by where someone in power or in the media says something horrible about rape. Today we add Dr. Keith Ablow, a Fox News's expert. Dr. Ablow defended a middle school banning tights on the grounds that boys will be boys:

ABLOW: You cannot come in with leggings. Because my son wants to learn and the truth is it is distracting. And it is kind of inappropriate because when did we decide as a culture that tights would become an overgarment instead of an undergarment. The reason we’re doing that is because girls are in a panic to be more and more sexual because we’ve taken all the restraint away from femininity. We’ve made girls into boys.


ABLOW: I don’t know that we can restrain boys from being boys. So the long stare, the offhand comment, you have to — what do you do, excuse it? Because it was certainly provoked. And I think girls put themselves in the line of fire that way.

"I don’t know that we can restrain boys from being boys." And he also thinks we shouldn’t even try. Sorry, girls, your needs don’t matter when they interfere with boys’ needs. I mean, why would we even try to restrain boys so that girls could be allowed to learn?

The sexism here is so breathtakingly clear: Boys will be boys and there’s no need or desire to change that. Girls must accommodate themselves to boys, not the other way around. Only the girls have to make accommodations according to this sexist asshole.

And the part that really annoys me is that middle school might be a great time to start explaining to boys that it’s not acceptable to treat women as sex objects, and that they should act with restraint and empathy towards all people, including those of the opposite sex. It will be a lot easier to teach this lesson at 13 than at 23, at which point you’d have to unlearn all the bad lessons. But Dr. Ablow doesn’t want to do that— he wants boys to have no restraint and do whatever they want, no matter who it hurts. This is sexism, and to some extent what rape culture is based on. And for that, Dr. Keith Ablow is the Asshole of the Day.

It is Keith Ablow's first time as Asshole of the Day, but of course one of many, many people featured here who've excused rape and blamed women for the crimes committed against them:

Full story: Media Matters


Happy Mother’s Day!

Today in the village with Mom.

Life gave me my fair share of trauma really early on.  Combine that with intelligence (that came from my mother), passion (thanks, Dad), and a solid teenage hormonal outrage at everything and nothing - Life with me has not always been easy.  

Life with my family hasn’t always been easy.  So, for as long as I can remember - My mother has put herself very last.  And when I finally started to grow up enough to pull my head out of my angsty ass, my heart broke for her.  Knowing that someone so intelligent, so passionate, so brilliant, is also so endlessly caring and loving that she’d do anything for her family - And her daughter.

As if she couldn’t have taught me any more about selflessness and generosity and taking care of those who matter to you - She made a huge transformation a little over a year ago.  She made the most incredible, brave move to take her health and happiness into her own hands.  Since then, I’ve seen her dance, shop, laugh, joke, socialize, let loose, and most importantly - smile.  I’ve seen her smile more than I ever thought possible.  And I’m blessed to see it.

She’s a testament to everything I hold dear.  She knows that self love is the root of everything else and passed it on to me.  She can hear in the sound of my voice and my brother’s voice when we need a little push or just an “I love you.”  She gave me faith in myself and in others, even when I thought that was impossible.

If superheroes were real… Charlene Sears would be first on the list.  And I could never be more thankful.

Happy Mother’s Day.